Information Technology Agreement I & II
Members: 82 (ITA I) & 25 (ITA II)
Open Initiative
Status: Concluded and In Force

The Information Technology Agreement (ITA) eliminates the tariffs on a large range of IT and IT related products. Only those WTO members which are party to the agreement are obliged to undertake these tariff reductions, but all members benefit from them because the parties offer these reductions on a most favoured nation basis to all everyone, and not just one another.  Since the original (ITA I) was concluded in 1996, a smaller sub-group of members agreed in 2015 to reduce tariffs on an even larger list of IT products in what is known as ITA II.

  • Participants reflect on future work of the ITA Committee At a meeting of the Committee of Participants on the Expansion of Trade in Information Technology Products on 6 April, delegates reflected on the future work of the committee, building on takeaways from the ITA Symposium held in September 2021. They stressed the need for the committee’s work to keep up with developments in the global IT industry. Delegates also discussed implementation issues related to the Information Technology Agreement (ITA) and welcomed Lao PDR as a participant in the committee.